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I was so happy when I found this blog called The Positive Window. I googled the true beauty revolution and found Epsita Mahapatra’s positive outlook on beauty. I immediately emailed her and had the chance to hear more of her perspective on True Beauty.

Please tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m Epsita Mahapatra. My friends call me Epsi. I’m the creator and writer of, I am a blessed mom of two beautiful kids and wife of a wonderful husband. I love books, lipsticks, and decorating my home with the things that keep me happy and inspired all-the-time.

I am a writer/blogger by choice and a dancer/choreographer by accident :):)…Never knew that some parts of me; that I always ignored or didn’t care much about during my teenage years will actually end up being my favorite interests and hobbies one day! I always knew I wanted to be a singer, but dancer, hmmm hard to believe! But music was my first love- always. When I am not writing or reading any self-help books, you’ll find me busy with my camera.

What is your experience with beauty? 
“Every woman wants to look beautiful!” And so do I!With some best self-care practices, good required amount of sleep, and by making healthy food choices you can enhance your beauty. Feeling beautiful means feeling fresh, energetic, and alive all throughout the day!

Have you had experiences that made you feel less than beautiful? What were they, how did it make you feel and what did you learn from it?
I never got noticed being “beautiful” in school or college, or even when I was doing good in my career. I grew up with this heart-breaking belief that, “I’m not a beautiful girl. And that’s the reason nobody compliments me or likes me.” I was longing to be appreciated, to be loved, cared, and to belong.

I felt like that because I was looking at myself through others’ eyes instead of my own!  I grew up believing that I had to look or be a particular way to be accepted or loved. As years passed, experience taught me a deeper understanding about my place in this world. We have to love ourselves. We don’t have to prove anyone that we’re good enough!, but we just have to realize that we were born worthy of love, and respect like any other person. 

What does True Beauty mean to you?
For me, true beauty isn’t about being perfect or looking young forever; rather the spark of kindness and self-worth that shines from within and shows on our face, makes us ‘real’ beautiful.I believe beauty comes from a person’s soul. Beauty is a reflection of your heart, your actions, and how you treat others, and who you are as a person. We all deserve to be loved by others, and to love others; but first we must learn to love ourselves- even with flaws!  

‘True beauty’ is the extension of our self-acceptance. God is very kind. He has given each one of us some unique feature(s),  a unique quality, or a unique talent. All we must do is: discover that uniqueness and celebrate it! There is something beautiful in everyone.

Why do you feel it is important to share this message?It is so important to know your worth! The way we see ourselves sends out a message to others, to perceive us in the same exact manner. We don’t need to fix our appearance to be beautiful. Through self-awareness I’ve learned that everyone has an underlying beauty. You were (and are) more beautiful than you think!

What have you done to share it?
I share this positive message by writing articles in my blog, and also by sharing positive body and beauty awareness messages and quotes in my Facebook page. I like dancing, and therefore I dance with my friends, even though some criticize me for having a still pregnant-looking tummy (that’s there due to my diastasis recti, and I need to undergo a surgery to fix it:( but instead of beating myself up for not-looking perfect, I am creating possibilities for all those women who feel after pregnancy they cannot be as beautiful and presentable as they were before! I want to reach out to every woman in the world and show them, that “they’re all uniquely beautiful!”

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