Matreya Scarrwener on the True Beauty Revolution

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In this interview I speak with the beautiful soul Matreya Scarrwener about her relationship with beauty. Matreya is a successful young actress who has maintained a good perspective on beauty. She shares her insights and why she feels she resonates with the True Beauty Revolution. Matreya will be part of the journey and will continue to share her essence in this project. If you missed my Youtube interview with Matreya, you can watch it here.

Tell me a little about yourself

Well I was born and raised here in Vancouver. I live with a dog named Nube (new-bay). She’s not really my dog, she is my roommates dog but I didn’t have a dog growing up and I have never loved anyone or anything more. I went to school with Lily’s kids and we’ve been a part of the same community for pretty much my whole life.  I am an actress. Not sure if I should call myself an actor or actress though. Acting is a huge passion of mine and it’s what has defined me for awhile. It’s still a big part of my life and what I like doing most in the world but I have made it a goal of mine to find other things that I’m good at. I’m in the process of getting my yoga teacher training and I absolutely love it. While I write this I’m sitting with my roommate and friend and I asked them how they would describe me and they both said “short and jewish.” So clearly I have excellent friends. 

What is your experience of beauty?

Like most women and also people, I have had a complicated relationship towards beauty, specifically physical beauty. Once I started acting it was very healing to give myself permission to not feel pressured to look beautiful if that’s what the scene calls for. One would think this industry would be terrible for someone’s confidence but my experience has been the opposite because I am able to remove myself from what I look like and look at it objectively. I have an easy time seeing beauty in other people. Almost to a fault. I think it would be really cool if people were able to see beauty in themselves the way they see it in other people.

What does the true beauty revolution mean to you?

To me The True Beauty Revolution means appreciating the beauty that is already there. It sometimes takes a bit of work to appreciate your own beauty. Which is part of the reason this is so important. We need a reminder sometimes. The true beauty revolution is for everyone who has ever had trouble seeing the beauty in themselves. Which is most people. People coming together and valuing self love is something that could change the world.

How do you feel The True Beauty Revolution can help others?

If people could acknowledge, appreciate and love their own inner beauty they would feel so much more peaceful. This is so special and close to my heart. Everyone deserves to feel that they have value, because they do. Feeling ugly can cause so much stress and negative feelings towards yourself. This is unfortunately something most people can relate to, which is why the true beauty revolution is so important.

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