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Spiritual Beauty Awakening Meditations

The Spiritual Beauty awakening meditation is a beautiful new meditation that Lily recently developed. The meditation helps you connect with your inner divinity and brings this energy out so that you radiate divine beauty. Lily is hosting these spiritual beauty awakening meditations in Vancouver, Canada and online. Find out more here.

This summer you may find Lily wandering the streets, beach and popular events in Vancouver to bring awareness about The True Beauty Revolution. Follow us on social media to find out where Lily’s Pop Up will be. If you want to volunteer at these events, please contact us.

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The True Beauty Revolution Workshops

Lily Chandra will be holding True Beauty Workshops in mulitple countries around the globe. During these workshops you will hear Lily share divine wisdom and speak about her healing philosophy; specifically her Cosmetic Energy Healing® Technique. You will see a live demonstration of her healings, and will have the opportunity to experience a group healing. Lily will lead a guided meditation where she will facilitate a connection to your divine self, the state of love where true beauty resides.

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