Working Together

Would you like us to showcase you and share your amazing gifts.

We are looking to collaborate and will showcase your product or service in our shop. +Plus we will write a blog post about you.

All we ask is that you donate a portion of your profit to The True Beauty Revolution.
To apply please send email us at [email protected]

A Special Invitation to the conscious musicians out there:

We believe that music is a vehicle to share ones divine source energy and a powerful way to spread a message.

We would like to invite musicians who are interested in sharing our message to do so by contributing an original piece inspired by our message of self love, empowerment, and inner beauty. You would be featured in a musical compilation we are creating to promote The True Beauty Revolution which we envision culminating into a Benefit concert to raise love, beauty, and consciousness.

Our products from the True Beauty Revolution, are designed to raise money for our movement and raise awareness to this project.

Learn more about Lily Chandra & Cosmetic Energy Healing here. 

Bring awareness to this project and help it expand and grow.

This is only possible with the support of people like you.

Help support our goal of sharing The True Beauty Revolution.