True beauty is the reflection of how we perceive our inner self, self love and our relationship with our inner divinity.

This is true beauty.

How you perceive yourself in the mirror is a reflection of your relationship with self love.

Your relationship with self love is a mirror of your relationship with the divine.

How you see yourself in the mirror is how you see yourself as your own divinity.

The way to bridge this gap is through meditation.

Self Love + Meditation

The True Beauty Revolution is about shifting the perception of beauty from the physical body to our divine nature. Recognizing that we are PERFECT exactly the way that we are because we are divine beings.

Our vision is to spread this message globally as we travel around the world. We will broadcast live meditations from sacred sites, host events and do talks in schools about the benefits of meditation.

Bring awareness to this project and help it expand and grow.

This is only possible with the support of people like you.

Help support our goal of sharing The True Beauty Revolution.

Beauty is not how we look, what we own or what we have accomplished.

It’s the reflection of the divine within us.



We will educate people on the concept of True Beauty and give them tools on how to deal with societies pressure and stress.

We will teach them how to meditate and offer a meditation album that they can use to continue on their journey.


Our Goal

Our goal is to reshape the way that people perceive beauty and to help them regain confidence & self esteem. To help people connect with their own divinity. To look in the mirror and recognize that they are perfect exactly the way that they are. Help people gain empowerment.


World Tour

We are embarking on a 2 1/2 year world tour with the goal to shift the collective conscious around beauty.

We want to bring this message to schools. Host live sacred site meditations to raise the energy of the planet. It’s time to make a change and start a revolution…The True Beauty Revolution.

Stay connected to the


and our upcoming events.

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